I’m Confused.

  If you read the post from this blog entitled “Too Much Information”  you will see the following statement from Dr. Howard “Chip” Tharsing.  “I like an occasional cocktail before dinner but do not use any drugs”  

  Why then is he answering ads on Craig’s List that are specifically looking for others to join them in a “cloudy” environment? 

  We have seen his journal entries in a blog post entitled “The Lies We Tell Ourselves” where Howard admits that he can not tell the truth.  
Howard writes
 “the root of my loss and my shame is my dishonesty, not my use of alcohol or drugs.  My trouble is that my first response to most difficult situations is to tell a lie.  I am almost incapable of saying anything that might make my interlocutor uncomfortable” 
and Howard goes on to say 
I do as I please, but when I talk to people, I focus on their reaction to what I say and not the content of my words.  I rarely try to relate what I am saying to any things or events outside of the moment in which I am speaking.” 

When reading his statements it is important to point out the context of the situation, Howard was staying at his sisters home while she and her husband were in Montana and his ex partner of 10 years had just realized that Howard had been lying to him for years.  
Howard also writes
I said that I had fallen against the door, not that one of three relative strangers whom I had invited to her (his sister Penny)house to use drugs and fuck for hours had fallen and made the hole.”
and that
(Walt) realized that I had been lying to him about its use, and often about my whereabouts, for years.

It is then safe to conclude that Howard is lying to potential roommates.

Here are the contradictions.   

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