An Enlightened Email

Lies Lies Lies

From: Howard Tharsing <>
Date: January 11, 2012 16:31:04 PST
To: “Ramirez-Forcier, Joe” <>
Subject: Time for an appointment!
I apologize for being out of touch so long.

In October I  got a job at a small gift  shop in Bernal Heights.  I

worked hard, volunteered for extra shifts, and In December was asked

to stay on into the New Year.

Meanwhile, Matt was stealing money (my entire first paycheck),

behaving erratically, and belittling and ordering me around even more

than usual.  

I did not steal money.  Howard had his pay check deposited it our joint account. I paid household bills with the 250.00 that was deposited into our account.  What strikes me as odd is this;  When I was working and paying for everything it was our money, but when Chip started working it was stealing if I paid the bills from that account.   I was not belittling him. I was getting tired of Chip being High all the time.  I was also tired of his constant masturbation and porn watching, he would hold up in the room in the room smoking speed while watching porn and jacking off.   It was annoying.

Yes I was cranky because I wanted a life outside of sex and crystal meth. 

On December 28 we argued and he called the cops. Accusing me of scratching his neck (fiction) Matt had me arrested.

  During our relationship Howard was physically violent.  Howard has given me a black eye, a fat lip and several bruises on my arms and legs.  See blog post entitled He Deserved It.   When the SFPD arrived at our address my head was bleeding and the scratches on my neck were deep enough to require some stitches. As I recall the police scraped under his nails and found my skin.   I tried to stop the police from arresting him but because of the severity of the injuries the police arrested Howard. 

After 36 hours I was released because the DA dropped everything. 
I got a call from Chip while he was in county jail, begging me not to press charges so I did not press charges  

Matt meanwhile got a restraining order against me and I Have had no access
to clothes, shoes, etc.  He has also tried twice more to get me
arrested but the police refuse.
The SFPD took out the restraining order because of the severity of injuries I received from Chip beating me.  I was sensitive to the fact he had to work so I took all of his clothes to a dry cleaner close to his job and sent him a text message and voice mail informing him that the items were at the cleaners.  

He has my computer and used it to change passwords preventing me from
getting to my email.  Google finally restored the account to me (after
many days).  This is the first chance I have had to get to your email
address and write to you.
No I did not change passwords,  I did go into his email looking for clues as to where he might be hiding out. Since he basically had disappeared .  It turns out he was hanging with his dealer . First chance to write?  He was on BareBack RT at all hours ofthe day and night , so this is clearly a lie!  He was too busy getting high and perving out to worry about housing.
Matt also has my phone.
No, I didn’t have his phone!  See email in blog post “Abnegation “where he clearly is asking Craig Waldo to call him at his new telephone number.

My boss has kindly let me stay in a room behind the store for the last
two weeks, but now I need to find another place.  She is also giving
me as many hours as she can.  I will be working a lot for the next
three weeks.  Still, sometimes I only get about 20 hours a week.  I
earn $12 an hour.

I’d like to meet to discuss housing.


Howard Tharsing
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